Single Lane Tank Type II

Single Lane Tank Type II

The patented Single Lane Tank® facilitates maximum flow rates for water AND water tender traffic.  Two or more of our SLT® tanks will give you maximum capacity on the ground without affecting the opposite lane of traffic.  The SLT® is a must for narrow rural roads having little or no shoulder!  The SLT® comes in various frames and liner fabrics. The liner fabrics to choose from are all 22 oz. vinyl, 22 oz. vinyl sides with 30 oz. floor, all 22 oz. HPR, 22 oz. HPR sides with 30 oz. floor and all 30 oz. vinyl.  To help keep the flow of water and eliminate any lift is the side mounted stabilizing flange plate assembly.

The assembly includes: mounting plate, flange (sizes available are 4″, 5″ and 6″.  The Flange Mount Plate is adaptable to any folding frame tank and model.

To purchase a complete SLT® system the system would include:

  1. 2-Single Lane Tanks Type I or Type II
  2. Flange Mount Plate with 1 Inner/Outer flange kit. Size 4″ – 6″ (The plate helps to stabilize your flange.)
  3. Standard 6″ 90° suction elbow
  4. Hard Suction Hose 4″ – 6″
  5. Low Flow Strainer 4″ – 6″

Through the wall drafting accessories also sold separately to retro fit your existing tank.


US gal

Open Dimensions

ft (L x W x H)

Closed Dimensions

ft (L x W x H)



2500 22’x8’x29” 14’x8″x29”
3000 23’x9’x29” 14’x8″x29”

SLT Complete System – One Sheet – No Pricing

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