Quick Assemble DBL-HI® 30 oz Vinyl

Quick Assemble DBL-HI® 30 oz Vinyl Details

The Quick Assemble DBL-HI® can be transported by helicopter or truck into remote areas for easy setup. The DBL-HI® frame is constructed from aircraft-quality aluminum with al-mag snap button connections. The liner is suspended from heavy-duty tension straps with quick release snap clips. The liner design relieves the pressure on the frame and adapts to the contour of the setup site. All parts are stored in a convenient storage bag for easy transport. (GSA Approved)


  • Forest firefighting
  • Other special situations
  • 6’-1.8M high – For helicopter buckets
  • Portable – Two-person assembly in 20 minutes
  • 28oz vinyl liner available in Red, Yellow, Orange, and Black
  • Includes a storage bag for easy transport
  • Includes 1 flange, additional flanges available
Part No. Volume

US gal

Diameter x Height




DBLH-3000 QC 3000 10’x6’ 200
DBLH-4000 QC 4000 11’x6’ 230
DBLH-5000 QC 5000 12’x6’ 255