Quick Ship Ground Covers

Quick Ship Ground Covers Details

There’s a lot of talk about supply-chain issues. That’s why we’ve developed the Fol-Da-Tank Quick-Ship Program. Our most popular products are ready to go when you need them most. With our Quick Ship products, you can expect:

  • No Expedite Fees
  • Shipping Same or Next Business Day
  • Same Lifetime Warranty

Protects tank bottoms from excessive wear, abrasion, and punctures so tank life is increased and the tank stays cleaner. Heavy duty 22 oz. red vinyl. All seams are heat sealed for longer life.

For the full spectrum of product options, visit our Ground Covers page.

To order any Quick Ship product, contact the Fol-Da-Tank sales team or call 1-800-637-TANK or 309-787-3500.

* Quick Ship Ground Covers available in 22oz red vinyl

Part No. Dimensions


FDTGC60022VR 8’3” x 8’3”/2.5 x 2.5
FDTGC100022VR 10’3” x 10’3”/3 x 3
FDTGC150022VR 12’3” x 12’3”/3.7 x 3.7
FDTGC210022VR 13’3” x 13’3”/4 x 4
FDTGC250022VR 14’3” x 14’3”/4.3 x 4.3
FDTGC300022VR 15’3” x 15’3”/6.7 x 6.7
FDTGC350022VR 16’3” x 16’3”/7.6 x 7.6