Decon Berms Continuous Air Chamber

Decon Berms Continuous Air Chamber Details

Secondary spill containment berms are open top containment units for temporary storage of oil or contaminated liquids. The secondary spill containment berm also serves as a temporary dike around tanks. They are portable and set up in the field in minute


 Part No. Dimensions

ft (W x L x H)


US gal



GA-446 4’X4’X6″ 60 10
GA-486 4’X8’X6″ 230 19
GA-666 6’X6’X6″ 135 19
GA-10106 10’X10’X6″ 375 40
GA-15156 15’X15’X6″ 840 65
GA-12306 12’X30’X6″ 1350 100
GA-14266 14’X26’X6″ 1365 125
GA-16406 16’X40’X6″ 2400 150
GA-16506 16’X50’X6″ 3000 195
GA-16706 16’X70’X6″ 4200 225

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