Flange Mount Assembly

Flange Mount Assembly

The Flange Mount Plate is designed to stabilize the inner/outer flange set on a framed tank with a through the wall design. The Flange Mount Plate reduces pump prime time and cavitation.  The Flange Mount Plate is offset to maintain the 8″ profile of the tank. This device can connect two tanks or a Low Flow Strainer which eliminates running a hard suction hose over the tank frame. The Flange Mount Plate is easily retrofitted to any steel or aluminum tank and is designed for use with 2.5″- 6″ inner/outer flange sets. Call for additional sizes.


Size 29″ X 9″ Weight 5lbs

Part # FMP (Flange sets sold separately)

For instructions on how to retro fit your tank with a Flange Mount Plate, click here


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