Fol-Da-Dam Spill Containment

Quality Decontamination Berms, Pools and Dams

When oil, chemicals or other liquid pollutants threaten the environment or human health and safety, time is of the essence. Fast-deploying spill containment systems are a must, along with safety and ease-of-use. Our decontamination berms, dams and tanks (decontamination pools) are designed and built with the rigors of rapid containment, temporary storage and disposal of oil and other hazardous materials in mind.

Construction Features

  • Multiple portable decontamination pool models
  • Four models of decontamination berms available
  • Wide choice of materials, function and sizes


From folding or self-supporting tanks and decontamination pools to a range of decontamination berm styles, FOL-DA-TANK™ environmental containment systems are built to save the day — or just help with equipment cleanup. Superior materials and craftsmanship, along with excellent warranties, ensure durability and trouble-free use. Our unique approach to spill containment means mobility and ease-of-setup, and you can choose from a variety of styles, sizes, configurations and accessories.

FOL-DA-DAM with Air Tube Sides
Weight N/A

750 gal, 1250 gal



FOL-DA-DAM with Aluminum “L” Brackets
Weight N/A

6'x6x'6", 6'x6'x12", 8'x8'x6", 8'x8'x12", 10'x10'x6"


Red, Yellow, Orange, Black, Blue, Chemical Resistant Black

FOL-DA-DAM with Foam Walls
Weight N/A

79 gal, 89 gal, 247 gal, 495 gal, 742 gal, 990 gal


Red, Yellow, Orange, Black, Blue

Vinyl Type

22oz, 28oz, 30oz, 30oz Chemical Resistant