Self-Supporting Tanks

Frameless, Portable Water Containers

Self-standing water containers or self-supporting tanks (SST) automatically expand and hold water and other liquids without a frame. Say goodbye to problems with inadequate or unusable water supplies. These tanks can be filled from other tanks, by hose, aerially or by pumping water from natural water sources. For standby water containment and water shuttling/relay situations these portable, folding water tanks are easy to handle, set up, fill and empty. From rural wildlands to municipal streets, FOL-DA-TANK™ has been at the forefront of equipping first responders with the tools to get the job done since 1954.

Construction Features

  • Totally self-supporting with no framework or supports
  • Onion- and pumpkin-style tanks have welded seams for long life
  • Improved grab handles spaced around tank for easy handling


When a portable water supply is critical, our self-supporting folding water tanks answer the call. Heavy-duty construction, multiple available hose connections and couplings plus sizes to meet any need ensure long life and ease of use across a wide variety of applications. FOL-DA-TANK’s™ proprietary HPR® High Performance Rubber fabric is available on all models. Our unique Ethafoam collar keeps the upper rim stable without having to inflate it. A single-lane, two-tank version is available for situations where wider tanks can’t be used. Patented heat-sealed seams carry a lifetime warranty. Convenient compact storage bag is included.