Pillow & Bladder Tanks

Pillow Tanks are Perfect Water Bladder Tanks

These high-quality, durable water bladder tanks often called pillow tanks provide drinking water storage in an inhospitable location, a super-mobile water supply for fighting brush fires or storage of gray water, decontamination liquids or fracking wastewater. Fol-Da-Tank highly portable pillow tanks are versatile, with applications for parks and nurseries, clean showers for firefighters, emergency drinking water and much more.

Construction Features

  • Nineteen standard sizes are compact & easy to store
  • Fabric resists chemical contamination, mildew, rot and solar heat
  • Fills and empties in minutes by pump or gravity flow


With welded seams for durability and a design to make it easy for one-person handling, you’ll get years of practical water management with a water bladder tank from Fol-Da-Tank. Potable water fabric versions are made to NSF/ANSI 61 standard. A four-inch-diameter fill opening speeds filling. Small enough to transport by pickup truck, you can quickly get a range of useful volumes of liquid in or out of virtually any location safely. Chemical resistant and urethane fabric versions, plus custom versions up to 20,000 gallons, also available.