Industries We Serve with Our Portable Tanks

The main industries we serve have one thing in common: They need portable tanks for liquid containment on demand. Whether it’s a wildland or urban firefighter drawing water from a portable tank, a military unit using temporary water storage tanks for drinking water or a Hazmat crew containing an oil spill, customers from these vital industries rely on our quality, portability and product performance. 


From crowded urban streets to remote wilderness, our versatile and easy to set up portable tanks and accessories can save the day.


Whatever the mission, our products are on the front lines and rear areas of U.S. armed forces around the world.


Portable dams and berms help limit environmental and property damage and harm to people wherever a hazardous spill occurs.

Superior Design, Materials & Construction

All FOL-DA-TANK™ products are designed and built at our Illinois facility for durability and convenience using U.S.-made materials. A lifetime warranty on seams and welds and a three-year warranty on strainers and accessories assures your mobile water tank system will provide years of trouble-free operation.

Experienced Partner

Starting with the world’s first folding portable water tank patented in 1954, we’ve built relationships with the U.S. Forest Service, U.S. Army and Navy and countless fire departments and detachments around the world. You can count on us to understand and anticipate the demands of your vital occupation.

Industry-Leading Service

Innovation and quality are hallmarks of our products, which we back up with customer service that is the envy of the industry. Have an issue with your tank or accessories? We have your back. Need a custom version of one of our many portable water tank styles? No problem. We’re just a phone call or email away.


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FOL-DA-TANK™ First Choice of First Responders

With a portable water tank heritage drawn from helping firefighters get water where they need it, FOL-DA-TANK™ has been at the forefront of equipping first responders with the tools to get the job done since 1954.


Containment on Demand