Rol-La-Tank Type II

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January 24, 2022 Rol-La-Tanks Type II by Joel Wright



First responders pride themselves with being fast – and safe.  They are quick to the scene, make fast decisions, and take speedy action.  When we need first responders we depend on them being fast, well trained, and calm under pressure.  Our Quick Assemble tanks are designed to help first responders be fast.  They are engineered to be simple to assemble and easy to transport.  The Rol-La-Tank is a type of Quick Assemble tank which is used for temporary storage of water (or other liquids) in remote locations.  They are great for remote locations because the components store in a heavy-duty duffle bag with 2 inch seat belt webbing carry handles.  Deploying a Rol-La-Tank can be done by one or two people and is fast.  Keith’s short video shows the setup process.  The 1,000 gallon tank shown in the video weighs only 75 lbs.  If you want to know more about our Rol-La-Tanks, call Josh Genz our sales manager by day and veteran volunteer firefighter by night.

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