Suction Elbow

November 22, 2021  Suction Elbows by Joel Wright


Have you heard the claim that the three things that matter most in real estate are location, location, location?  The phrase originated in the real estate industry over 100 years ago to emphasize the value drivers for good property.  Location matters with firefighters too.  FOL-DA-TANK ® introduced the Single Lane Tank® to help firefighters deal with real estate problems – namely not blocking an entire two lane road with a tank and truck.  The single lane tank is designed to only take up one lane of roadway and the Suction Elbow is the tool for ensuring the suction line does not take up valuable real estate too.  Typically, a Single Lane Tank® is deployed in front of or behind the pumper truck.  The Suction Elbow is a specialty fitting which connects the suction inlet on the truck to the hard suction hose.  The 90 degree configuration aims the hard suction hose parallel to the truck to ensure that when the Single Lane Tank® is placed in front of or behind the pumper truck, only one valuable lane of roadway real estate is in use. 

If you want to know more about our Suction Elbow and Single Lane Tanks®, call Josh Genz our sales manager by day and veteran volunteer firefighter by night.

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