Versatile Pillow Tanks & Bladder Tanks

Potable water pillow tanks and bladder tanks

All about FOL-DA-TANK® Pillow & Bladder Tanks by Joel Wright

As a young adult living across town from my parents, I remember getting the gift of tools and a toolbox for Christmas. I never asked, but I suspect I got the gift so I wouldn’t borrow my dad’s tools. I still have most sizes of the Craftsman English and metric sockets and the toolbox is still shiny red. These days I don’t change my own oil and the tool I use most is the Crescent wrench. Crescent is a brand name today and the name of the former company which manufactured the ubiquitous adjustable wrench which they patented in the US in 1915. It can do almost anything the English and metric socket set can do because it’s adjustable. 

FOL-DA-TANK® pillow tank and bladder tank series is our universal wrench in tank form.  For users, these versatile tanks are easy to transport by truck empty or full. They can take the shape of a container (to a degree) or lay flat on the ground. And they can be made from standard vinyl, FDA approved vinyl for potable water or chemical resistant vinyl. At FOL-DA-TANK® we can also customize the fill and drain valve configurations, handles and rope hold locations for your unique application. Our pillow and bladder tank come in 19 standard sizes ranging from 25 to 5,000 gallons. 

Like Crescent wrenches, FOL-DA-TANK® pillow tanks are used by creative people to solve real world problems. For example, potable water pillow tanks are used in crawl spaces under cabins to supply fresh water to the plumbing system, industrial pillow tanks can act as an accumulator for gases before they are compressed into liquid, and grey water pillow tanks can contain wastewater from portable shower trailers deployed to natural disaster areas.

In the firefighting niche, I am proud that FOL-DA-TANK® is in the same ubiquitous brand club as Crescent wrenches, Kleenex, and Velcro. Each of our pillow tanks are made by the same craftspeople who care about durability and are designed for the first responders who protect our lives and property.

If you want to know more about our FOL-DA-TANK ® Pillow and Bladder Tanks, watch the video or just give us a call at (800)637-TANK!

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