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portable water tank stand

October 29, 2021 Da-Tank Stand by Joel Wright

As an engineering student at Iowa State University and as an aspiring engineer I wanted to know how everything worked.  I was willing to endure endless math, physics, chemistry, and even English composition classes to get to the good stuff.   One week we were tasked with writing a compare and contrast paper and I wrote about the very important topic of hard vs. soft luggage.  Hard luggage was the solid indestructible plastic Samsonite shell and soft luggage was the nylon duffle bag that could expand forever.  My professor loved it for the creative break from whatever else my fellow freshmen aspiring engineers were writing about and I got an A.

Fol-Da-Tank has a similar hard vs soft luggage innovation and, freshman joking aside, it is seriously important to our customers.  Da-Tank Stand is designed to protect our tanks from freight damage.  Our first responder customers expect each tank to be ready to use the minute they get it.  If the tank is damaged during the journey it is an unwelcome problem for all parties.

We still package each tank in a double wall cardboard box and then we put the box (or two boxes) on a Tank Stand.  It’s like putting your duffle bag inside your suitcase.  The problem is the transfer from one trailer to another at a carrier’s cross dock or transfer facility.  Almost every other shipment processed by the LTL carriers is easily moved with a fork truck.  Our tanks are awkward to move with a fork truck because of the size and shape.  In today’s freight climate where carriers are full beyond capacity and short workers, the chance of damaging a tank is too high.  Da-Tank Stand protects the boxed tank from misplaced forks and accidental drops.   It also provides several hand holds to make moving the awkward shape by hand much easier.  We know because we load trucks ourselves in our shop. 

We expect every tank arrives ready to use the minute the first responder gets it.  Da-Tank Stand is our solution.  If you want to know more about our tank packaging, give us a call at (800)637-TANK!

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