DA-EV Tank

Portable Folding Frame Tanks

The original folding portable water tank, and still the best.

  • Multiple sizes and frame types
  • Your choice of fabric and colors
  • Improved “Easy Lift Handles”
  • Quick-release drains
Self-Supporting Tank (Fire Dept Model)

Self-Supporting Tank

Water storage tanks set up quickly wherever needed.

  • Easy, one-man setup
  • Multiple capacities and dimensions
  • Variety of hose connections and sizes
  • No need to inflate Ethafoam collar


The ultimate accessory.

grey water pillow tank

Pillow Tanks


Potable water and gray water shuttle and storage.

  • Eleven standard sizes, custom sizes to 50K gallons
  • Resist contamination, mildew, rot and solar heat
  • Severe weather tolerance to -40°F
  • Fill/empty in minutes by pump or gravity flow

First Choice of First Responders

Portable water tanks, a heritage drawn from helping firefighters get water where they need it, FOL-DA-TANK® has been at the forefront of equipping first responders with the tools to get the job done since 1954. Customers of our business are on the front lines of dangerous natural and man-made disasters and emergency situations to protect people, property and the environment from harm. We honor their resolve with an absolute commitment to building the best water storage tanks and accessories available — always meeting or exceeding industry and regulatory standards. From portable, standalone water acquisition, storage and deployment systems and equipment to hazardous spill containment systems, constant innovation, quality, reliability and durability are the hallmarks of every FOL-DA-TANK® product.

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Containment on Demand

Wherever they’re needed, our portable water tanks are super-easy to set up with construction, features and accessories designed to help you conquer the most demanding locations and conditions.


With nine standard tank sizes, our folding frame portable water tanks have been real-world tested from Alaska to Afghanistan. Aluminum and steel frame models are available for any application, from city streets to rural settings.


From self-supporting onion and pumpkin style portable tanks to rolling, aerial and single-lane tanks, you’ll find the perfect water storage tank or containment system for your exact needs and specifications.


We’re constantly renewing our efforts to supply first responders and others with products to protect people, property and the environment, including a complete line of secondary spill berms and dams.


Additional Products & Accessories


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